Monday 18 February - Enroute

    Clare Shore was kind enough to run a shuttle for several of us to PBI.  First, Bill and Teresa, then she came back for us, and finally Pastor David and Nanci.  Good thing they were last since I managed to leave my day-pack in the car.  David and Nanci brought it with them and all was well, but it was a shaky start to the journey.
    Larry and Nanci were able to board early since both are using canes, so we got settled in for the trip to JFK New York.  We were disappointed to learn that we had to get our bags there and re-check them and that we had to pay for our checked bags on this leg of the flight. All apparently because our lay-over would be more than 5 hours.  Also, though, that means plenty of time to deal with it. 
    At JFK it took a while to retrieve our luggage and make our way from Terminal 5 to Terminal 1 by train, then we found that we couldn't check in for our Frankfort flight for another couple of hours.  We took turns guarding the pile of luggage and going to eat. Mike and Jan Schooley caught up with us just as we were checking in again. Eventually we transferred to the departure lounge for another few hours of waiting.
  While we were waiting, we were delighted to discover that about 20 members of the National Ballet Theatre of Odessa were waiting for the same flight. These beautiful young people were full of energy and excitement as they finished their 3-month North American tour and started home. At one point several of the young men took over a large open space and entertained us with a lively dance number. Isn't cultural exchange wonderful?   Link to Video of JFK Spontaneous Dance

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