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Some folks have asked about downloading pictures from here - just click on the small photos to enlarge them - then Right-Click, Save to save to your computer.  You can do this for a whole day using the 3dot menu upper right on a Day-Album and they all will download as a .zip file. Similarly you can click the pics you want and then go to the 3dot menu to download.

For the Valley of the Kings, I added a couple of photos from Google Images

The order of days has been reversed so that the blog goes from the first day to last day rather than last day to first day.  Note that the first long page goes just to 26 February; click the small link called "older posts" to get to later days of the trip.  Alternative there is a Link on the top of this and the top of Janice's Reflections to jump directly to the second half. Of course any day can be individually displayed using the menu of days at the right side.

If you have some very favourite photos please send them to and I will added them to the day collection.

Generally at the end of each day posting there is a link to an album of the other photos of the day.  Click the link and all the photos will be displayed after a brief download delay.

If you forget the internet address for Janice's Blog, Google finds it quite readily if you search on "Janice Hatt blog".  That will give her Profile with the Jordan-Holyland-Egypt one in the list.  Best bookmark it then for simpler access.

There is of course a wealth of information on the internet that gives more info about our stops on the trip. is a good ref for any site but I found these below very valuable:  - it has a long list down the right side with references to most all our stops in Israel and Jordan - a well-organized site on Egypt

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