Tuesday 5 March -- Cairo-Frankfurt-New York-West Palm Beach

Our flight left Cairo at 2 am and we dozed until we landed at Frankfurt at about 6:45 local time. Larry had booked wheelchair transport this time (in fact, they insisted on him using it at Cairo too), so we were given very good care, unlike on the trip over. It's still a long involved process getting through that huge airport, but you're dealt with as a valuable individual and given plenty of help and time. They even gave Larry a shoehorn to use at security.
A few hours later we were on our way to New York's JFK airport, where we landed around 1 pm local time. That airport experience was not as hassle-free, but we got through it. Pastor David was quick to grab himself a hamburger. We said good-bye to Sharon and Dave as they headed home to Ohio. The remaining 14 of us were happy to clear security for the last time and board our flight home to West Palm Beach. We were "entertained" by two college girls on their way home for spring break, loudly discussing campus life with details that made us all cringe (TMI girls!). Luckily, they discovered seats together in another part of the plane and moved out of our hearing. Soon we were on the ground, saying our last good-byes and going off to our own homes and beds.

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